Saturday, November 20, 2010


What up from the gully goons in the 918?! The last few days have consisted of mad chillin' and not so much riding... Homeboy Seamus McKeon has been in town so we been kickin' it. Other than that, we filmed a eddy the other night at the Riverside Park. Session was super fun and we clopped like mad. Here are some screengrabbaz from the sesh...T Loof fuxin with an uprail dubs to crooks. Properasfugg...DY with a dubs to steep ass hangy...

Also we been chillin and riding with Miles a bit... He recently dropped this eddy for OSIRIS. To that, I say yaaaaowwwhhhrr.
Me, Loof and Drew York are about to start drinking, but then again, we already been drinking... Charles Blarchly.
200 -- JW

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