Thursday, November 25, 2010


eeeeuuughhh i says wassuh!!! Man, stuffed to max proportions.. Shreddin edit from saysumtin, talk about half cab pop yeez!! Also, another joint from of nate dogg shreddin seasons bowl Speaking of seasons, Jeff K says hes got animal on bored for the BMX nights or whatever, fuck yar, fuck yar. Make sure to head over to MIDWEST to peep the new Hinkens Madera flick, which contains a super gutchy cassette half cab down a sizable set! Def a good watch SEGA!! O yea and an updated version of the flyer, which im not gona post for a few days cuz its basically the original with an A-bikes logo on it, soooo, hey jeff, fuck you jeff.. Finallyyyyy, head over to the P.O.D. page for a funny micheal jackson type nigga picture, a hienous ass featuring 'back cheek' for mr. Geisal, and a creepy pic of a baby with a tail i found... dig it? nahh sry

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