Monday, November 29, 2010


This weekend was as good as i planed Kese and i went down to Milli and filmed some shit with Nate Dog kese was killin it like always. After the session we went over to Mike Ungies crib cold chilled Puff tree and got pritty buck with Jakey G . we woke up went to seasons for a quick session and headed back. Peeps back in a few days to see a quick edit from the weekend. Also the New Rays MTB park should be opening in the next week or two heres a couple of photos i found of the Park shit looks super good hopefuly i ll be there next week or to. -Lk 300

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  1. ayee so i edited that video but for some reason my editing software wont let me turn it into a file. it'll be up today. my bad for draggin ass on it.