Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Had a sick ass session at 4 seasons today. All the G's were there n it was fuckin rad nuts. Jakey G's got 4 pegs to that i says 4 lokos!! The northwest burbs shredder count was easily ovver 10 folks! Thats fuckin sick we go haaaawwwwrrrd

"Check the banner below (above, duh nigga) and make sure you show up and have a fun ass time!!! RIght now i am super pumped on the amount of people riding. I've been having awesome sessions with everyone and hope to have more because of these things!!! if you can not ride often please make time for these... i will be filming the best tricks and throwing edits up of each night! come down have fun and film some clips!!!"--Jeff K. aka Klugadick aka Boobatits trew this up on MIDWEST and of course you kno its gona be of Blast-OFF proportions! PBR PBR. I also overheard him saying somethin bout changin the rythms a bit for 'bike season' which means theyre gona get more rad. My brother also picked up a headest for LIVE so eeuughh. On the topic of important midwest shyte, Kaching was at seasons for a bit feeling better after some injury time, he was sportin some proto etnies kaching shoes, lookin gutchy with a bit of warn, red leather type shit n Wisc./Chi insoles..

Also seent the following on SaySumtin, who have been comin in clutch with the support lately, to that i proclaim YOOOOOOOAAAARRWAWAWAWAWAASHhhh-kese

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