Monday, November 15, 2010


I says yarrrrrrrrrrrrwawawa. Havent posted in about a week. havent ridden in exactly 1 week. havent smoked piff in about 8 days. This is because im lucky im alive ahaha its been a rough week with gnarly sickness n near fatal allergy attacks, no foolin. As far as i kno J.E. is cold chillin, Dubs n Loof are in tulsa gettin buck n L.K. should be in school haha. Im lookin for a job so holler if you hear me.
Federal has been puttin out some rad edits as of late so ima put a few up...

I also spotted this video on SaySumthin. shits rad i wish i had the old vid Aggroman.

Finally, if you havent seen the film 'Casino', you need to catch that shit! Its about 3 hours long n ultra gully, word has it that my grandpa used to run with one of these fools down in vegas.

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