Sunday, November 21, 2010


New 42'x24' ice rink goin up at the Jones compound!! euuughh cant wait..Went up to seasons on sat. with LK 8000 n CJ. pretty rad night seen a bunch of homies and o.g.'s had a blast tryin to jump the boxes n what not, blarched obvioulsy. Big thanks to the folk that hoookd it up with the gas funds and smoke! Much appreach!!These new BSD hoodies are ultramegs! Hope i can get a few seein as its gona be cold as fuck!! Also scooped a new 4 stroke snow blower yyyeeeeeoorrrr!!!
Peep this french speed demon ass duuuude...
YO: also big ups to everybody at seasons for havin a rad park and letting me ride it!!

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  1. yo u know i ll come through shoot a couple of pucks around N puff SOME DROS