Monday, October 25, 2010


This weekend was a success... The entire crew produced plenty and all the footy looks gwar-taculous... But chu already know what it is... Just wait 'til you see the eddy...Me and Tony just got back into Illinois where I had to get on immediate capture/edit mode for Grab 25 that will drop tomorrow. Time flies and it is now 6:48 AM and the GRAB 25 is now completed...
But now that I think of it, I dont think anything was ever mentioned about the TGF party that went down last Thursday. The whole crew met up for a pre-party session. We ended up getting mad gutchy clow and decided to shabb out instantly after. Shit was hyfey. Good folk were in attendance. Good times were had 'til we hours of the morning while we celebrated The Clouse Cellar's 25th Episode.
But like I said before, it's late as fuck so I'ma leave ya'll with a few screengrabbaz and I'm out like a light.
JE - Fakie to 90 T-bogMarkese - Railride to 180 Tire Grab

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