Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I say what's really really gooood?!? The internet at the house has been fucked for about two days now, and this obviously is not gooie. So I rolls to the mall into the local skate/apparel store Urban Outlet to see if I could slab some web access... So I get to talking with the owner Brady, who recently just got mad gutchy Osiris in stock, and dude opens a box and hooks me with a fresh L Osiris shirt and a whole shitload of stickers and whatnot for nothin'. SICK GUY. The gesture was much appreciated so I figured I could post sumn on the matter. So since I'm online, I wanted to post this up. I am horrible at drawing but whatever, it's gully.
Other gully happenings for the day was getting a sneak peek at the C-Breezy BSD Welcome To The Team Edit. Shit goes hard as reinforced concrete. Lookout for that dropping soon... Thats all I got for now.

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