Monday, October 4, 2010


Sup Gully Goonies?!? Checkin in after a long ass week/weekend... Seen Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony in the city this Friday, that shit went super hard. Instead of a DJ, Bone was flowin' over a goon slammin' drums and another dude playin' the horn. I've seen Bone a few times so this was dope. Sneaking in to the show also happened, free of charge. YARR. Shit was goo til' baby girl's car got broke in to.

Anyway, enough rambling... I want to make sure to send a shoutout to the TGF Crew for all the updating lately. Qual content from all the goons is real important and very much appreciated. TM been going ultra hard on the new lappie top so expect me and dude to be firing out some super goo in the months to come... I aint got much else to say, but challready knowz I gotta preroll. Time to go handle that...


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