Saturday, October 2, 2010


SharReady know I got brand new Lap Top. Making all my Gully duties so much easier. I have been capturing tapes like a mad man. I have about 5 left. Then I can start editing shit. Just to remind you whats to come; A Sun Ringle' Trip Edit, a BSD Trip Edit, a Matt Markese BSD Edit, a Chris Brown BSD Edit, a Kriss Kyle BSD America Edit, a Lil Kyle G.F.E. and a BSD Edit of myself. Stay tuned. Get GULL. And peeps the pictures
Chris Brown-Muncie Indiana after a wreckLil Kyle reppin a TGF shirt in CincinnattiReed Stark once again reppin 4 Loko's. I don't know where he got that shirt, but I'm jelly.
-Teezy F Baby

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