Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's been a long ass 3 weeks for me. With going on two separate week long trips and having people staying with me everyday in between. I haven't had much time to update, capture or edit anything. Now that I'm low key chillin again, expect a lot of edits to come out in about two weeks. Such as a Sun Ringle' Team Trip edit, a BSD Team Trip edit. Along with several BSD welcome edits for all the new U.S. riders. And of course the steady Clouse Cellar series will continue. Along with a True Gully Factory edit, Which we haven't done for a couple months now. David Grant and I are about to get out right now and try and clop some GWA. Stay Gull and keep coming back for quick updates leading up to all the HAM. SharRReady Know.
Here is a quick pic of the entire BSD crew chillin in Cincy on the last Trip. You can Kriss Kyle wasn't scared to climb down into a massive sewer half pipe.

And the Trip made a short remix of there original 35min promo video to show at Interbike. Creeps it out.

-Teezy F Baby

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