Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I was peeping the site this morning, and I was thinking that we haven't posted shit in days... Then the comments from out last post on racine gave me the motivation needed to update. Anyway, it has been a pretty busy week... Me and Malouf been crankin' out shirts for the jam we are sponsoring this Saturday. So many gutchys, the kids will be pumped... Make sure to make it out to Villa Park this Saturday for the jam. Saturday also starts off the BSD end of summer trip. We just picked up Chris Brown from the airport yesterday.Dude is a G, and murders on his bmx... CB is reppin BSD right now but peeps an old eddy murph of him belowche.
He will be out here cold chillin' for a bit so expect to see some goo from him soon. The whole crew + C Breeze went to visit J Eughh last night to smoke blughs... It was great to see J Shabber doing well. Even though dudes going through some gnar right now, hell be back before you even realize he was gone. He also brought home some good stories from the few days he was on, and word is he is going on the next RF. Oh my gutchy!

But anyway, real soon we gotta go pick little wee Kriss Kyle from the airport. Here's a good opportunity to re-up a SUM GFE.
YAAAAHHHHH! The BSD trip will include TM, C-Breeze, Matt Mar-gwa, and Kriss Kyle. However, Lil' Kyle and I will be riding with to do what we do and kick it with everyone. We will be hitting up spots in Cincy and Columbus, oHIo.

Hopefully it won't be another week before we update again but when you makin' moves, time flies... Time to go pick up wee Kriss...
200 --- JW

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