Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Schizophrenic Prostitute in Georgia"

For todays interview i bring you Andrew Mikhail of Isles, formerly of Oceano & Thick As Blood, one day you're kids backyard wrestling the next your one of the sickest metal axemen out

MM-- I kno u stay ultramega busy, whats your latest endeavor?!

AM--Haha. I never looked at it as "ultramega" busy, but yes you're right matthew! I've been pret-ty busy the past 7 months writing some new material for projects, past and present. With my main gig being the new guitarist for the band ISLES (, and i couldn't be more happier with it all. I feel challenged again, and anyone who knows me personally knows i like a good challenge.

MM--Where have u been so far this year?

AM--As far as this 2010? Not a whole lot has happened for me this year due to taking the "time-out" for writing, BUT i did a short run playing guitar for THICK AS BLOOD this year which included a US/Canadian tour with the band EARTH CRISIS. It was definitely a tour to remember. But, I do miss all the other spots i've been to. Most def planning to come back overseas and maybe expand to some different markets that i've never played in, in the near future. My home is on the road, so I try and get out as much as I can. haha.

MM--Whats the raddest/most awkward place youve nutted on a broad?

AM--I'd say the raddest place to nut on a chick would be ANYWHERE. Anytime I've met a girl whose down with that, it's been a blasty blast. haha. The most awkward spot was a tie between someone's feet and in someone's palm. YUMMZORZ! And if you're talking about location? I'd say raddest/most awkward place would have to be a local soccer field in the broad daylight...'cause imma FREAK like dat.

MM--Lemme get sick tour story eh?!

AM--I once saw a kid get thrown out of a window during one of our songs and immediately following that, 3 fist fights broke out at my feet on stage. Or another crazy story is when my whole band was being chased/followed/harassed by a schizophrenic prostitute in Georgia that claims shes done something bad and that god was punishing her for it. haha. I legit thought I was going to get my throat slit as I dove into my tasty burrito.

MM--fuck jobs n cars ur a fuckin metal maniac, whats it like tryin to make it in the biz? do u care to 'make' it or are u where u wana be?

AM--Thank you! haha. I try! But honestly, the music "biz" is a grind. There's nothing much to it besides that. It's a grind on you physically, mentally, artistically, and so on. But in my opinion, it all depends on how you perceive it. Some embrace it and USE it to make them better business men or artists and some let it engulf them. And as stated above, I like a good challenge, so I embraced it. I love what i've done and will continue to do it because without it, life is fucking boring. haha. And to the question about if I care or not about "making it", i really don't. I can say i've done plenty in my recent past, but I feel like there is more to be done and more music to be made for the world. So, why not have a little help getting my message out there? Feel me?

below is a pretty sweet interview about europe n bein on the rode, though he has parted ways with Oceano, this is a good look at the big homie

stay up on the gull for trent mcD miles A.V. and many more all comin out daily, suck a cheetahs dick

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