Tuesday, August 3, 2010


HEY Ya'll
Cold chillin up here in Cable, Wisconsin at Lake Owen with Matt Markese, Josh Eilken and Jeff K. It's just about 2:27pm and we just woke up. LIFE IS GOOD! Here's a pic of us getting ready to leave Jeff K's yesterday.

Been a few days since the last post, but got a couple things for you today to make up for it.
First! New Clouse Cellar from a late session at 4 Seasons about 2 weeks ago.

Second, A COTD (Clip of The Day) from MIDWESTBMX.NET

Clip of the Day - Tony Malouf - Aug 3 2010 from @jklugiewicz on Vimeo.

Some shit coming from here at Camp Crystal Lake (A.K.A. The Camp from Friday the 13th) (A.K.A. Lake Owen) Soon!
-Teezy F Baby

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