Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another day another 'view son gagagaga.... RUSS WADLIN

MM--Russ wassup fooo would u mind answerin some questions for gully content?

RW--Uh, fucking duh I will! I check tgf all the time

MM--Yarrrrr thanks man!! Ive seen you get tech as fuck, but what goes through your head when ur bout to ape a huge gap?
RW-- Ha, thanks. The gaps I do, you can't really over clear. So i usually just go as fast as I can, haha.

MM--Yea you haul ass! Hows work goin? tell me what you do again?

RW--Work is work, you know. No one wants to work, but most every one wants money. Im a graphic designer for the county health dept. Its chill and gets the bills paid, so im down

MM--No doubt, how fuckin gay is all this vampire hype lately? thoughts?

RW--Vampires are really fucking gay, and so are the people that obsess over that shit.

MM--Yea, ultramega chuggers... ZOMBIES!!! You get a gat, and a hand-to-hand weapon, whats ur pick? Last words?

RW--Sawed-off and bat, left4dead style. Thanks homie! Hope you guys are all doing well. Keep up the gully.

MM--Much appreach!! We're all fretch out here man hope we can make it down to see yall in the fall or some shit.

sick old section!!
stay tuned for the gorilla zoe interview!!!...pause....

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