Thursday, August 12, 2010


Got at miles for a quick guy.

MM--aye would u mind answerin like 5quick questions? id apreech

MR--shoot mang

MM--sick guy!!1st off, hows ur knee n when can we expect a sick new webby from ya!?

RM--Knee is Dank, dry at times hahaha. Working on an Osiris Web Edit on the side of filming for DeadLine/G.U.T.I./++RIP.

MM--tell me about the meth heads on tatwa! gwagwagwa

RM---GwaGwaGwa hahah. They had the smoothest moves, nicest teeth, and a quick get away. I almost dies from a crack to head from a tire iron and drew was still caking with one haha. So psyked we made it out alive. But they ran it for sure.

MM--everybody who knows is eagerly anticipatin +he +rip eddy thats soon to drop, tell what u can about that project Friday 13, 2010 ++


MM--i kno u cant spill too much, but lets here a sick story from the filming of GUTI...

RM--G.U.T.I. is a sick story, everyday with any of those dudes rules. Subrosa is kickin ass. This is also the first time i would have produced a film for a Frame company and I'm psyked on all the work everyone involved has put in. G.U.T.I.

miles filmin lahsaan for Get Used To It

MM--have you ever gotten a broad pregnant? most disrespectful nut dropped on dame?!

RM--4 questions is scraight haha.
Shouts to w, and Stay ++ripped.

MM--Ai thanks holmes!!

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