Sunday, August 15, 2010


howdy, yea ive slacked on the 'daily' 'views but i work n get drunk n shit so piss off eh?! alex is a sick fuckin dude, always smilin n shreddin in his own way, showin mad skill as well as individuality that you can only get from lovin BMX...

T-down over the rail, out the park, clicked

MM--aye dehg can i shoot u some questions for some gully content?

AV--for sure man. what do ya wanna know?

MM--you had some dope clips in Tattour! and many may not kno about ur sick ender section in Comin Thru!, how do you keep ur ridin so fresh and real?

AV--I like to have fun. Everything has to be on a good note for me or else the tune sucks. I've been havin alot of fun lately to so be watchin for some new GOOCH!

MM--so your married huh? does that mean travellin is out the window or can i expect you in the chi soon?

AV--Being married definitley dosent mean less traveling. The wifey is completely down for bmx, thats why she's the wifey!
As for headin to the Chi SOONER would be better than later!

MM--I remember rappin with you about conspiracy theories n free thinking a while back, any controversy ticklin ya melon these days?!

AV--Take everything with a grain of salt until it affects you. Conspiracy theories are boggling to think about but as far as tickling the melon why the hell aren't more people outraged with bp? Four milli barrels in the ocean and its down-played as a minor thing. wtf?! GO GREEN!

MM--Now i dont wana get you in trouble with the old lady or anything buutttt, a good anal story goes a long way...

AV--Last words before the night ended, "would you please take your dick out of my ass now?" Why can't a mua fucka have some fun in this mua fucka?!!

MM--haha probly got the "angry dolphin" ill have JE explain that in his 'view, anyways,whats the most o.g. part on your bike n when/how did you acquire it?

big drop off the roof into the bank, sickguy!

AV--I have Tree Branch bars on me bike that I've had for a long time. Got them directly from Sam while at Autumn ramp park for cheap because the machinist had fudged a batch. Wrong sweep or something idk, but they feel great to me and they haven't broke. Would have said my lil' buddy frame but i broke it. whoops! GOTTA give a shout to my boy Aaron from NC. He hooked it up with a frame when I broke mine. WHO IS IT!

MM--thanks for your time man!! im probly gona switch up the order depending on your reply so jus let it rip! hope to see you soon!!



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