Thursday, August 26, 2010

'fucked a 17 year old girl in the ass hard'

...rad dude.Ive yet to meet ryan howard but if n when i do im sure ill learn some new grind ive been to lazy too learn. if anybody has every grind on either side to either spin on lock, its this fool. edits from years ago that r fuckin sick and new edits that even the saltiest, moistest, gayest 15 year old interhater cant shit talk on. 4 peg midwest shredder dig it or die.

Grindin' on the regz...

MM--ay foooo would u mind answerin some silly questions for some new gully content?

RH--Yeah I'm down for whatever what did you
have in mind?

MM-- rad!figuring you saw the x games n some recent edits, what do you think of all the top, most popular pros runnin 4 pegs?

Double-kink reg crook

RH--its pretty cool but at the same time its going to be lame because a few people have been pushing four peg stuff for so long and now super pros like corey and nathan running the extra pegs and doing crookeds and stuff.People are going to over look the fact that people like vinnie sammon and lino and others have been pushing those tricks for years and never really got the credit for how difficult some of that stuff is.

MM--i remember seein ur pictures on myspace like 4 years ago, shreddin rails on both sides. For me, i still carry that little fear even tho ive done dozens n dozens of rails. how do u over come that? or do u jus get er done

Ryan's section from 'goin' for broke' from like 2006 or some shit

RH--i have long ass pegs so i just hop and aim and hop for the best haha

MM--any webbies or other video projects youve been hammerin on?

RH--ive been steady filming for the next Act Like you Know dvd. everyone has been busting their ass for this so shit is gonna be so dope when its finished up.

welcome to DUB eddy

MM--sketchiest thing youve done to a dame?!

RH--um ive pissed on my girlfriend, dick slapped her. fucked a 17 year old girl in the ass hard as hell one night. fucked girls that all my friends have fucked. typical grimy ohio stuff basically.

MM--question of the decade ha, how do you the internet has impacted BMX? +/-?

RH--the web has both helped and hurt riding i guess. its opened the doors for alot of kids to make sick videos but at the same time it killed dvds for a bit. people try to blame the internet for all the shit talking but unless your friends are all fags youve been shit talking for years anyways. kids just take the shit too serious and thats funny in its self. thanks doin one of these, ive been checking all the others youve been posting and they are pretty dope.

MM--thanks man!! sry for the lateness and run on nature of the questions.

-kese, sry if the green yellow red is hard to read im bored. ill kill you too...

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