Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back like chiro-pract...

So yea, Tony already made a post about it but I'ma make another one... As of Friday, I just returned from my trip to Germany... Shit was so super ultra that I wished I would have just stayed there for a few years... But now that I'm back I got mad pics to post and eddys to shabb up. I figure I will post a few at a time so enjoy.Coffee Shop right across from Central Station... First of many that I slabbed up on some kutch at.Catfish in Koln, lazer entertainment... You know me and Fish was stayin' faded at the Masters.JB, BK and free beer... VIP room at the Masters was definately up to par.

I haven't looked through the rest but when I do, expect some more gutchy to be posted. It's still super early at the gully compound, and raining outside, so today we work on re-uping the site layout... Be on the lookout within the next week for a fresh new layout and some new pages as well... Until next time, stay shabbed...
100 --- JW

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