Sunday, August 22, 2010

DELJON!!!! gwa

anybody whose met del knows hes a rad fuckin dude, great attitude n an awesome sense of humor, from lookin jus like chip tha ripper to havin a white girl friend, hes clearly the sickest token black guy ever!! sick guy fsho



MM--aye fooo, i notice ur black, how black are you?
DELJON!--I'm sure your more black than I am but I'm pretty fuckin black son!

MM-yea ur quite dark!! how come u dont like blowin tree?
DELJON!--Blowin trees ain't my thing man straightedge.

MM--though i dont agree, ill fight to the death to defend your right to feel that way, anyways,what kind of music are u diggin these days?
DELJON!--pos, explosions in the sky, wu-tang, biggie, gucci!

MM--what was ur favorite moment when the g.f. crew visited lake owen?
DELJON!--besides chillin anytime we were I'd say watching y'all tear up the demo was pretty fresh.

Deljon MCin'

MM--haha right on!some up minnisota if u can please
DELJON!--Minnesota? Ahhhhhhhhhhh we nice niggggga we nice! Chillin doods no bullshit.

mad nice,mad nice indeed...


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