Wednesday, August 18, 2010

99 problems but spliff aint one (yea right foo seent it)

Trent Mcdaniel has most always been a streight dude, hungry & motivated while stayin virtuous and shreddin on a level most dont even know about. sick guy for sure, even though hes a chickenshitfuckinpussyasshole...

MM--hey fool i need gull content if i shot u like 6 questions would u answer them?

TMcD--Ya of course man shoot!

MM--i kno standard has been sketchin n ur mad sick, whats ur frame situation right now?
country bikes 'ranger' frame

TMcD--Well I'm currently riding for Country Bikes. They are out of germany and are distributing through profile racing. and

MM--lemme get a few words on the chi scene lately?
Bar street gap. lukas satas photo

TMcD--The chi scene is sick. Seems like there's always some event in town and new spots to ride and to find. So I'm for sure keeping busy. Which reminds me thay you (markese) needs to come here more often or at least call me when you do.

MM--whats the last bar/party experience youve had?

TMcD--Well I don't drink so I haven't had any good experiences latley

MM--whatd u think of the dave thompson bio?

TMcD--Dave Thompson bio was rad and dude is way under rated.

MM--whens the last time u fucked a girl in the butt? if u havent why not?

TMcD--Well my gf would be the last girl I effed in the butt. As of recently its slipped in a few times on accident.

MM--Nice, the good ol angry dolphin.. preach ur times holmes peace!!


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