Monday, August 16, 2010

420th post!!! eric holly interview

when i was younger i seen eric holly crankflip to feeble to truck n it was sick, finally met him n hes just a sick guy, so u should read this, and die, cuz ur probly some punk ass kid.

MM--wassup fooo can u answerin like 5 quick questions for the gull? id appreach

EH--Shoot son

MM--haha fuck yea thanks dehg!!tell me about ur last bar/party experience?

EH--Saturday night, after many drinks at the bar, damn near blacked out, we went to a pizza joint. Next thing you know I got some pussy talkin shit to me, so I talked shit back way harded, so the tuff guy calls over 3 of his boys. The only homie that was anywhere near me was Nick A. and once I told him what the situation was we walked right up to these fools, and then Nick proceeded to punk everyone of these hoes, they punked out and walked away talkin shit like a pack of hungry pussies while we had a good laugh on them

MM-- dang been a month or so since ive scrapped, anyways, hows things over at eastern? anything big comin up?

feeble up to whip

EH--Eastern is sick, just filmin with nick and workin on random shit. Sig parts comin soon

MM--have u seen the bonedeth video? what u think?! if not tell me about death of fun!

EH--Fuck yeah I seen the bonedeth video, those dude know how to send some shit

MM--condems. wrap it or jus slap it?

EH--Fuckin slap it

MM-- yea me too,how many blunts did u smoke yesterday?! (aug8th-9th)

EH--Ya boys low on bread, so I smoked 5-6 apples to my face to save some of that greezle.

MM--thanks a lot man!! if u want some others i got more ideas!


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