Tuesday, July 20, 2010


J Dubs droppin in from Koln, Germany for a little brief update... Germany has been too ill... Masters contest was great fun drinking all weekend, but chu alreadys... I plan on waiting til i get back to post pics from the trip up... I been D double O snappin. Two days ago therer was some city fest and me and JB got trapped on that bridge in the picture for at least an hour because there was so many people on it. But then again, Ive lost all track of time since I been here.

But a bit of gooie gully news, homie Aaron Stechalin got a new blog he started up called THE HIGH LIFE. Make sure to go and check it out...

I am bout to go ride with Markus Wilke, pretty sick... Until next time, shabberocity...

200 --- JW

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