Friday, July 9, 2010

Felt trip...

I spent all week moving out of my crib from school and I'm finally done... I'm going up to the burbs for a day to parlay then hopping on a direct flight from Chicago to AMSTERDAM. Chu already knowz. Peeps the gully departure time in the plane ticket screengrabba belowches...I'm about to meet up with Josh Betley at Shabber Central Station fresh off the plane, drop the bags at the hotel and instantly transform into Bucky Lasek himself, if you can digs what I'm sayzin... But anyway, I'm only gonna have my little iTouch for the wi-fi so I'm gonna try my best to update while I'm over there. I'm expecting the goons from illy to keep up on it for me until I return.

What you can expect from me is a bunch of tapes fulla gooie clouse and a 2GB SD card fulla POD's.

100 -- JW

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