Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amsterdam Pt.2

Shabberfest 2010 continues in Amsterdam for day two. Today could have been summed up like this... Wake, par, grub, coffee, piff, ride, film, shabb, slab... Me and Betley ended up walking past this gully internet cafe so we could check up on e-mails and what not... I didn't get a chance to post any of the photos I took but I figured I would post some pics of the sick coffeeshops I shabbed out at while I was here.The Bulldog Coffeeshop - The sign in front claims this to be the first coffeeshop in the area. It was a sick spot for sure...Prolly the second best shop I been too... The kush wasn't the greatest, but their drinks were bomb and the environment was dialed. Sat in the chair by the window and blew back...Last but not least, the best gooie gwa I ever seen before came from here... Highly reccomended by Betlah, we scanned the city looking for this establishment, and we didn't get disappointed.

Last night, puffin walkin past the police, it was just crazy to me that this place even exhisted... Until half a block later we hit the red-light district. If you don't know about it, the scene is ROWDY!Every one of the red lights on the windows have girls in them that want you to bang them for money. It's really unbelieveable that this place actually exhists.

Im out of internet time so I'm out but hopefully have some updates from Germany. Aol Aolmb.

200 -- Jbubs

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