Friday, June 4, 2010


A good portion of the G-Fact Crew will be riding today at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee, WI. The event is called Verge Fest and there will be demos today and a contest tomorrow. Come out and check it out, the course looks good...

In other G-news, gotta new murphy for you all to peeps... It's a shorty and its only got like 1-2 clips per person but its still super ultra... Basically just a throwaway footy murph but whatever, just watch it.

Another lil murph I threw together has no riding in it... We were getting ready to go ride in the city and some crackhead was just lurkin hard, so I got the cam out and clopped a few clow... Figured we couldn't use it for shit else. Check it below.

Im off to murda Milwaukee, see you there.
100 --- JW

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