Wednesday, June 23, 2010

postin on ney ney's 'top

Chip tha rip is basically the best rapper out right now, his smooth chillin flow changes up with each song. He also spits shit i can relate to, like burnin hella guddha and coppin gear. Ima put up all his mixys in the next fews days so download that shit, bang it out n spread the word, dig?!

been chillin hard with louch sceezy j.e. neyer n M.bakes, easy seshs n heavy liq consumption. these custom gullys T,s meeeehhhhh gaahhhhdamn mehh

Tony Neyer "From Nothing" part from Doug Horton on Vimeo.


this part is wild, shitty nobody wants to buy dvds no more tho, this part is sick n im sure the other parts made it up, but the production feel as a whole is lost when u cant jus watch the damn thing, fuck off already n put money back in the industry

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