Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help a dude out!

This dudes bike got stolen this weekend after 4 dudes rolled up to his car and smashed the window, grabbing his whip.....heres some pics of his missing ride. If you or anyone you know happens to know anything about this email him to let him know whats up at , The Gully would like to extend out to everyone that a scrap parts fund should also be in order since he is a local Chicago rider.. any old parts you dont need, toss it to him and get him back movin' on a bike again! Send him an email and see what he needs.


  1. so stoked on this man thanks! if i make it to extravajamza this year im ganna be on the most gangsterish hoop d.

  2. I got a 21" BSD forever frame for ya mayn!