Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grab 8

This weeks grab comes to you from a session at the Schaumburg park... The whole crew was in attendance for a super ultra gooie session so we had to get our clouse on... Peeps belowche and digs it like a spigot. SHAAARRRReadys...

In other Gully news, I just filmed the next grab last night with Mar Mar-gwatchy and T Looche at DP. Fun sesh + good folk = shabberocity. D double O K was supposed to be in the grabba as well but he broke his foot as I was getting the cams out. Ultra bummer. Heal up soon Dook!!!

I just woke up so Ima have some coffee, shower, shabb, than back to the gully grind... Shabberdigs?!

100 --- JW


  1. sick i wish i could been there that day, tis my local park

  2. Nice, Jeff Wescott will bunny hop your shoulders. thats a big fucking ledge. I remembered a while back when josh showed up to that park and he was high as fuck and did that gap. And he taught me how to get ultra height out of the bowl. While making fun of the black kid keandre lol.

  3. lol at comments in every clip.