Thursday, June 24, 2010

drank the pint o hennessey n rolled the purp dat i had

mahhhgaaaaahhhssshhhthat mix be bangin, key tracks, meh: meeehhh
supa swag man
guns go bang

-preview on you tube if u aint quite with it, when all is said n done ima link all 3 mixys at once with a 'must listen' track list, a best of if u will
-big homie T.ney dipped this morn via ho/greyhound, good dude/sickguy
-so j.bino posted, to that i exclaim, EEEEUUUUUUGGGHHHHH

-anyways, j dubs n i are bout to scoop louch from work for lunch


o yea, we hittin some localparks to warm up for some hally lit seshys later on, CHECK THE POD page to, jack

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