Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twelve-Thirty WHAAA?!?!

The past couple days have been spent filmzin 12:35 clouse... Matt Markese is definately the MVP from the sessions clocking in a few more bangers for his section. BIG things coming from Markese Grissum for this video. Dude went so hard he ended up with a bloody face. HA!He ended up not getting this one done yet on behalf of his eyebrow was gutching too much blood for him to see. BUT, we will be back for this. Shawlready knowz, we goin' hard as bricks... Anyway, me and JE filmed a Madera edit today and all the footy looks pretty gutchy! Be on the lookout for some TGF/Madera eddy murphs... All I got for now.

100 --- JW


  1. oooo my guchhy.
    straght street nigga

  2. shitty tittys that has to be atleast 15 feet high.