Sunday, May 30, 2010

Off the grid...

So for the last week or so I've fell completely off the grid as far as the internet is concerned. I just had my graduation party on Friday and I was campin' for like 2 days before that. The fest was ultra fun and a huge thanks to everyone who came! Highlights from the weekend were:
- Cooking a 250lb. pig for 14 hours straight.
- Expiring a 60 box of swishers and 3 kegs.
- Having around 100-150 people show up was dope as well...

The time away from the computer was glorious, but it's back to the Gully grind. I got Grab 6 from The Clouse Cellar dropping early this week featuring a sesh with our boy from Milwaukee, Corey Ellis A.K.A. The Cabbage Hatchet. Here are some screen grabbaz belowche.
Cabbage Hatch crankin' t-downs.
Cabbage reppin' TGF gear and Mikey Ung doin' the bird in the back.

Also this Friday and Saturday (June 4th and 5th), 4 Seasons will be doing demos and having a contest at the Summerfest Grounds in Milwaukee, WI. I'm pretty sure alot of the G-fact crew will be there as well as a few other ridaz. For more info, I would check Midwest BMX, since that's up and running again!!! HOLLA DOM AND KLUG!

Thats all I really got for now, more to come this week.
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