Saturday, May 1, 2010

Got my mind on my money, Fuck a Hater.

I commented earlier on this, but Malouf threw me a tape from this past summer that I forgot exhisted... It ended up having some dope clouse and funny situations on it. I threw together this little murph of this Goomba ass Tulsa kook coming up and runnin' lip to the crew. Crazy kooks are prevalent in Tulsa so I was used to this by like the 3rd day I was there. Either way, this guy was acting all hard talkin shit, but quickly realized that, in the famous words from A. Stech on Malouf's birthday, "He didn't want it from the GULLY crew." (high emphasis on "GULLY"). Peeps belowches and digs it like a trench.

Tulsa Hater Clouse from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

You know the G-fact goes hard as water in the freezer... Shabbeready knowchez.
100 -- TGFJW

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