Sunday, May 16, 2010

Collab Eddie TGF/DUB

Hey Ya'll

I'd like to present to you Goomba's the first DUB/TGF collab Eddie Murph.

While spending a week in liverpool at the DUB house, Jack who runs DUB asked me if I would ride for them. Ive been into their shit since I first caught wind so of course I said yes. While filming some real talk shit for the upcoming DUB DVD I managed to film a bunch of the Liverpool Locals with DUB's camera and here is the result.

DUB/The Gully Factory mix. from DUB BMX on Vimeo.

Jack and I are working together to think of a way to collaborate further once Im back across the pond. Stay Tuned. Stay Gully and stay blazed.

Enjoy the Murphy and check out DUB's site.

-Teezy F Baby

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