Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Shit Poppin

The summer just started and its already lookin super gwarchy... The Gully Factory doin big things this summer. Tony has already been goin hard as bricks over seas at Ride To Glory, which BSD won by the way... We called it out months ago but yea, they killed it... Heres a little short I seen online featuring Malouf giving a proper horse shabber and Kriss Kyle fuxin wit a 60 box.
While we on the overseas topic, Felt Bikes is sending me and Josh Betley over to Germany at the beginning of July. I says oh my gutchy, I cant fucking wait. If I got it correct, were gonna be hitting Amsterdam as well, so CHU ALREADY KNOWZ! But yea we bout to go hard.

Completely unrelated, my homie Lil' Aaron Renfro form T-town just collabed with homie Miles Rogoish on a bom-b ass eddy murph. Lil' A seriously kills it in here. Mad Props from up here Lil' A. If you look closely, you can see Miles sportin' a Gully Factory skully cap. Sharready.
Aaron Stechalin is about to pick me up in a few minutes. Headed into the city of Chi to shred and pick up a camera so Stech can blow up the Quad City Area this summer. I keep hearing good things about it so look out from some QCA eddys coming soon. I really don't have anything else to say so before you leave, peeps this hilariocity belowches... If you have ever knocked the wind out of yourself, which Im pretty sure we all have, this shit will make you chuckle cheeze.

100 -- JeffW

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