Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just noticed today that the G-fact counter has passed 30,000 views, and to that I say okayz... Big thanks to all the supporters as well as the haters who keep us motivated. I remember when the counter was all the way back here...Oh my gutchy! Speaking of 12:35, big plans are in the mix... Me, Markese, JE, and Dook will be filmzin tomorrow. I can't wait to destroy some shit for this video... In other news, T-Malouf drops in all the way from Scotland for the comment of the day! Seriously, I give a fuck about what some random hater says but when I read this shit, all I could do was Chuck-E-Cheeze!So gloriouis! As well as so true. Anyone who constantly scans our site for shit to hate on is a nobody A.K.A. TWINKIE SOFT ASS HOSTESS MUH-FUCKER. Take it pussies.
100 --- JW


  1. get a life you obviously do care what people say about you since you come back with your dumb ass comebacks you white ass douche bag. And tell steve stolp to learn barspins, everyone and there mother can do barspins. Also tell him to learn how to lace a wheel. Suck on those chubby johnsons you homos.

  2. all right erik winston... sick guy!