Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WOODWARD G.F. fotwent-E.

It's April Dubs and it's a bluetiful day. Figured todayze would be a good day to unleash the new gooie for ya'll to enjoy. So without further a due, TGF is proud to present another edit from our recent trip to Woodward... That trip was so god damn gully I can't say it enough... But anyway, peeps the gutchy belowches and leave some love in the comments...

G-Fact at Woodward G.F.E. from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

New POD as well, so peeps that tooz...
Chu already knowz what I'm bout to do... YAOOOWWWHHHRRRRdigs?
100 -- TGFJW


Dooky Dubs just posted up this ill as Weezy F. documentary over at The Shack... I would say its worth the time it takes to watch in it's entirety. Wayne is a wild mother fucker, but I dig dude... I was hella fade watching this and all of a sudden I hear a big ass AOOOL AOOOLLLLMMMBBB in the vid... Forward to exactly 3:00 if you are trying to hear it... Smoke Sumn. 100


  1. yeah!, i love you guys! what's the songs?

  2. what the fuck? lil wayne sucks ass