Monday, April 12, 2010


It Feels good to be back in Illinois. I had a nice stay in California with Larry Alvarado. Smoked some good ass tree and rode some gutchy ass spots. Also met mad folk while I was out there and saw some old friends. Gotta love that. Thats why I love traveling. Anyways now that I'm back The posts will be flowin again and edits will be droppin soon. You already know you guys are in for another Grab from the Clouse Callar soon. And I just got done capturing 5 tapes before starting this post. So mad Gwop is coming. You know what else I did before making this post. I gathered a plethora of screen grabs for ya'll to peep so you can get a feel of whats coming. You know, see who we been pointing our Sony products at lately. Your gonna see some Larry Alvarado in there. Some Kevin Porter who you'll see falling onto his ass in a minute here. And the traditional homies. More soon!

-Teezy F Baby

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