Monday, April 12, 2010


Just checking in to let yall know that TGF be on our grind... Not that chu did'nt already knowches already...

List of the up and coming:
- TGF Woodward GFE
- Throwback Summer '09 GFE
- G-Swaggy GFE

- ClementDAY GFE
- Clouse Cellar - One Shot Grab 3
- LART - Larry Alvarado Real Talk

That's just a little skeet taste of what's already captured ready to get edited... Wish I had a bunch of gutchy screengrabbaz like T but I'm making this post in class right now... We getting shit done boyyyy...

One last bit of gutch I heards about today is TGF's photographer J.O'C. or "DOOK WALLACE" be getting an interview on BMX UNION sometime this week... Congrats to D double O and a big shoutout to KURT for recognition... Much appreeeechiated. Chu knows it'ss be posted when it drops. Shaooowwhhrr.

100 -- TGFJW

POST SCRIPT - TGF viewer hit 20K todayze and rising. Aol Aooolmbbb

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