Saturday, April 3, 2010


So like I said before, the Gully crew mobbed up at Congress theatre on last Saturday night for Bone Thugs. The show was insane and 4/5 of the group was there, which was unexpected cuz with the thugs, you never know whats up... Well that proved true because on Sunday, less than 24 hours after we seenz em, Bone was playing a show in Cleveland at the House of Blues and 50 officers surrounded the stage and arrested Flesh-n-Bone for some bullshit outstanding warrants from 1998 for some crazy shit like pistol whipping his mom or something... Now I mean this is all shit I read online and there may or may not be truth in that, but I found some news video on the subject for yall to peeps.
I didnt even know you could go to jail for 8 years and get popped for some shit you did years before you went in. Flesh spent 2000-2008 in prison, and was arrested in 2009 for gun possession. You know he skated around that one saying the gun was his wifes. God damn gully mastermind... It goes without saying, but Bone Thugs go hard as fuck. Last time I seen Bone was at the House of Blues in Chicago and that dude was still locked up for pulling an AK-47 on his neighbor. Good luck Flesh, I know you'll be out soon. All for now

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