Monday, April 19, 2010


What up What up Ya'll?

It's fuckin monday. So I'm sure some of you are checking this from work or school or maybe your just an unemployed ass hole who has nothing to do all week. Either way... We ain't hatin.

Got a new Grab from the Cellar dropping real soon. It is in the final stages of production before Fuel throws it up on their player. Once thats done you know we finna post it up right here so ya'll don't have to leave your favorite page.

I got just about a week here in the States before I dash across the pond for a month. Gonna try my best to do some updating while Im over in Europe.

Speaking of over seas and over seas homies. Dan Lacy's signature Fedal is out and about. I saw a picture he posted on Facebook about it and thought I share it with ya'll. Fedal has some good folk reppin and workin for them.

In other homie news I seen that the ++ crew has been getting crafty. Makin shirts and shit. I seen Miles and Stevo postin shit of them wearing some ghetto Gull made shit.

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for Grab 3 from The Gully Factory's Clouse Cellar on

-T Money Cash Money

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