Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here's a short one of a gutchy ass session at Clemente the other day. With a couple clips from down the street. You can see plenty of Uncle Dooks Photo Shacks material in the making in the this edit. Always be sure to check his page out. It's updated everyday.

Clement Day! G.F.E. from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

Then we got a video of My dude Chris Brown and Lil D from Cali. I hung out with dudes for Easter this year cause I was in Cali away from my Family so we just chilled out in C Breezy's shack (A.K.A. the Boom Boom Room) which is featured in this video. These muh fuckas kill it.

Volume Bikes: Lil-D & Chris Brown from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo.

I'm late for work. Gotta get pedaling!



-T money Cash money


  1. hey jeff or tony what do you use for making the logos in your edits?

  2. Next sweet video! props for good job! what's the title of song?