Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tatted uughhhp

So I had a little convo with Miles the other day and supposedly, Tattour is in stores as of this week... I know Dans been advertising it for some time now... Either way, that shit went down close to a year ago. The whole reason I brought this up is because the friend section of the vid has clopperz of Matt Margwatchy straight killin it and I wanted to throw up some screengrabs from one of them clouse. If you have ever been to this rail just picture this shit going down, it's Lasek eye surgery.
You see TM cloppin wide colossal.

Tattour might be a year old before it drops, but it's still finna bang yall over the head when it circulates. Go out and get you a copy todays... Ima go ride.
100 - Dubz

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