Friday, March 26, 2010


So I knowz you all seen the Wilson GFE from the other day... Shit turned out gutchy... But I just spotted a photo post that Andrew Brady threw up on Fuel.TV from sessions last week... Dude takes some pretty dialed in photos and is always on the grind with gettin more... The gully mentality. I digs it.Anyway, peeps The gallery he just posted with photos from DeKalb and Chicago. Some of them are pics of clouse from the new GFE so checks em out! Should have another update to this post when a FML Fridays drops today featuring a bail from that nollie 3 at Wilson. My front end didn't get up over the barrier and I roasted it with a fair amount of speed... You'll seez it.... Until then, peeps the POD Page for a gutchy Pic O'Da Day. Aol-Aooolmb!Oh and I got word this morning that ANOTHER GFE is near completion... Would have been up today if iChat file transfer worked properly but fux it... The gully on our grind. Check back soon,
100 --- JW

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