Saturday, March 6, 2010


Im very frustrated right now.... I don't have access to a mac right now, so Im using some garbage PC. It's Fuckin rubbish.

Anyhow I thought I'd throw this bad mother fucker back up to stack the views. You know this video shits on anything else on the web. Everyones scared.

Cept the Gully. Yar Digs it

Woodward trip starts in just over 24 hours. Mad Eddy Murphs coming out from this one kids, so get yo eyes ready for the most Ultra GULL shit to ever happen at Woodward. Gymnasts are about to get slayed, gaps about to get done, and rails about to be hopped. Not to mention we gonna be bringing handles with us so buds barn might even get burned down. Shitt I can't wait. Untill then ya'll be easy and have a good saturday night! GETBUCK!!!

-T Money Cash Money

New P.O.D. too... Checks it

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