Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Ya'll

Teezy F Baby coming at you right now...

Im prouder then a mother fucker to say that I put in my first full days work into the Gully Factory today. Eight plus hours of Computer buuuuuulllllllll shit. But it's all worth it. Take the time to browse around and see whats new.

You'll notice I been running a bottom header at the bottom of the main page. The one up right now is a small little bill board for the Clouse Cellar dropping this month. Also a couple buttons got changed up, And theres a new header on the "YARR O'Da WEEK" page.

I know there hasn't been a new Eddy Murphy in a grip and I remember days back when I was a wee tyke where I'd get all bummed out when Midwestbmx wasn't producing at a rate I was ready to watch videos at. So believe me when I tell you..... Serious gwobberstein sandwhiches are coming soon. It's a god damn G-fact when I says that there are over 3 G.F.E's already filmed just waiting to be edited. So keep your pants on and shit will be flowing in no time.

Untill then all I gots to say is slab up!

and Yarready...

I'll be atchu

-T Malouf

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