Thursday, March 18, 2010

gona need hella dahhhhctahhhhss


luh that song, ima go real hard with the hiphop postin today, which is odd cuz i been blowin my fuckin brains out with that deathmetal lately..

mef pretty tone n reakwon

i wasnt sure about young dro, so i asked j.e. he says 'Dro's a G, deg' good enough for me

more red man

i duno what the fuck those wu boys are workin on but shit, its all fire, especially this track


by the way all those statements are links to download tracks, for all u slow twats, hit some comments lemme kno what u think bout me postin tracks, i dont give a shit tho so dont bother, im also to gully for the backspace button appearently


  1. whats the name of this track yo?

  2. i feel good


  3. dont bother jackin it its already bein edited

  4. all wiggity wack

    come back for more of that grit hop