Monday, March 22, 2010

Clouse Cloppaz

Rode street in the dirty DeKalb today with Andy Brady and Brian Kachinsky. Shit was gutchy. It was definatly cool to ride up to spots with Kaching that he rode in the legendary midwest BMX video "Mid-Where?"... His banger in the vid is a rail manny in DeKalb that is seriously bonkers... Can't believe that shit went down like 10 years ago... Random gutchy fact - that same spot got shut down by Markese with a monsterously long railride the other night... You bout to see the clopper in a up and coming GFE.

As with other GFE's coming soon, Tony filmed some clouse of myself and Trent McDaniel yesterday at Wilson park in northside Chi-city... I'ma get that edited soon as I get a free minute.

Also, THE CLOUSE CELLAR has launched!!! Fuel.TV/TGF collabo. Thats right, no bullshit.. These edits will be releasing once every two weeks or so... Check back here soon or over at Fuel to see the newche. Peeps the gutchy belowz.

Other than that, keep yo eyes peeled for the Gully makin serious moves in the near future, AAOL-AAOOLLLMMB...

I'm bout to go fux wit a solo-chinzo, if you can digs what I'm sayzin, just as soon as I post up a POD real quicks... Hit up the POD page to peepz...

100 - DatDubz


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  3. Haters just hatin that they ain't rollin with the gully crew... SLAB UP, that is all...

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