Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Corey Ellis "Goodbye Winter" from Josh Talatzko on Vimeo.

He's a video of our friend Cory Ellis riding Seasons. We got a nick name for Cory that was made up by the Dook Wallace. It's "Cabbage Hatchet"

I can't explain but I can tell you that Cory has suped his shit up to 40 lately and this video does him good justice. I'm curious of how they shot this shit. Pretty dope looking.

Expect to see some clouse of Cabbage Hatchet in our first Fuel Edit droppin sometime this month.

Once the months up It's full time Bucky Lasek eye surgery. I turn 21 at the end of March and the entire Gully crew is gonna be getting Buckky!

Might be some footage from that night who knows....

Thats about it.

Post Script: I just found this...

Jeff K Mankind BMX from Logan Reynolds on Vimeo.

Thats Jeff K's newest. Jeff is hosting a contest this summer. It's going to be a street contest and majority of the Gully crew will be in attendance riding and getting nasty on hoes jugs so.......... Keep your ears open for more on that.

Damn!!!!: I just found this on vimeo and thought it should make its ways back around. This shit was funny! is Back from jeff klugiewicz on Vimeo. was the tits back in the day and still goes hard. Check them out.


Im out this bitch, got a fourty in my hand and another in the fridge.

Happy Saint Fuckin Patty's Day Mother Fuckers!!!

-T Maloof

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