Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bone Thugs

So the whole gully crew hit up Congress to see the thugs last night... I know for a fact the show was dope but the rest of the night was a serious blur... Mikey the situation was in attendance strong. I really don't know what else to put cuz its all fuzzy but thanks to all who showed up last night... Shit was superOGtriple... Any memories from last night?! Leaves em in the comments...
100 - - JW


  1. 1.Berto be servin' MAD drinks
    2. Seen Markese gettin escorted out with blood on his face
    3. Seen Josh straight walk out 5 mins before Kese got escorted and told me "Yo man I just punched a dude in the face, I gotta dip" ahha
    4.Malouf be wearing some ultra gully twin links jacket
    5.Pics soon

  2. right after the second opening act, i remember bumrushin the crowd with me and malouf heading the pack towards the stage. Right when bone got on stage, Bino pulled out a pre-roll and we sparked it. I remember a dude askin me if he could hit the blunt, and i let him hit it. sure enough dude face had 3 pre rolls, so the whole time bones set was on i was gettin gwarched out with this dude and smokin and dancin a bit with some girls from michigan. Bone thugs threw down a real proper set, I think one of the highlights from it being the tribute section where they played songs featuring Easy E, Tupac, and Biggie. Shit was so dope, especially when they played For the Love of Money. Of course the crowd wasnt really that into hearing alot of new bone shit, but i think Bizzy and Flesh compensated by just makin the crowd go buck wild between pretty much every song. All in all, I would have to say that Bones set exceeded my expectations, and I dont think I will ever miss an opportunity to see them again. They definitely kept it 100.

  3. The entire night was GOD DAMN SUCCESS! Eyes low the whole night. Sipped heavy. My dudes.